Photo by Alan TepperAs a long-time teacher and activist for peace and environmental protection, I know that this type of work in our challenging world can be draining, to say the least. Balancing the demands of family with self-care and financial survival while still providing high quality care for others and working to promote peace and justice can be exhausting, and at times overwhelming. Many people are struggling with symptoms of burnout, including fatigue, stress, and a variety of physical and emotional disturbances.

I work with people in the fields of health care, psychology, social work, education, and political/environmental activism to offer tools for self-care that can be integrated with one’s challenging work in the world. I pro-rate my services on a sliding scale to make them accessible to people regardless of income level.

I offer support in the form of individual or group sessions, retreats, and even guided meditation sessions via phone for those really pressed for time. The ‘toolbox’ for this work includes yoga and related movement practices, guided meditation, and energy work. Each session is highly individualized depending upon your needs and schedule, so please contact me to find out more about how I may support you. Thank you for caring so deeply and for striving to make the world a better place. May this work begin with yourself and ripple outward.


Lauren is a very gifted trainer, teacher, and spiritual guide. She has an unusual ability to tune into what people need and is especially attuned to the connection between mind, body and spirit. Lauren has helped me to regain my balance after a difficult transitional time. As a therapist and healer myself, I needed more than words. Through our individual sessions Lauren helped me integrate parts of myself through meditation, gentle yoga, alignment, chakra work and her healing presence.  

 --Susan,  Brooklyn, NY