Invigorate your workday with a breathtaking yoga, meditation, or fitness class at your office or a nearby location. My corporate client base includes financial and governmental institutions, nonprofits, schools, hotels, consulting companies, museums and more throughout Manhattan and the five boroughs. Classes can be scheduled at your convenience – lunchtime, after work, whatever fits the needs of your organization. Contact me for rates and availability. Click here to read an article about the benefits of getting moving at work!

If you are looking for a presenter, I can speak to your group on a variety of topics (the following list is by no means comprehensive, so feel free to ask if you have a particular topic of interest):

  • stress management for busy professionals
  • easing common aches and pains experienced by desk-bound workers
  • embodied leadership: techniques for mind-body awareness to access intuitive wisdom in corporate decision-making, visioning, and strategic planning processes
  • cultivating healthy habits
  • connecting to nature from indoors
  • exceeding our limitations; moving beyond past conditioning

I also lead corporate retreats, and can work with your Human Resources Department or other staff to plan an inspiring event for your group. Contact me today to find out more!


“Thank you Lauren for your contributions to our weekend corporate visioning retreat, and for shifting people’s perspectives. By the end of the weekend, I believe everyone saw the value in taking a moment to be still. I hope to be able to work with you again in the near future.”

--Patti, financial consultant, Woodbridge, NJ

 “Dear Lauren,

You were faaaantastic! Just being true to yourself allowed you to charm, entertain, and engage our diverse group. You are truly inspiring. Thank you so much for enriching us all with your presence and thoughts.”

 --Holly, religious institution administrator, Brooklyn NY

 “What I really appreciated in your class was that you took the time to warm us up, and keep us warm. I had stopped taking yoga because I was getting injured doing it. Your class had a flow but was also precise. The alignment instructions you gave really helped me take my practice to the next level. Thank you Lauren for all you do.”

 --Winnie, computer network administrator, Manhattan-based financial institution