I am not flexible. Can I still do yoga?

            That is all the more reason to do yoga – the practice opens up space in the body, reducing tension and risk of injury from tight muscles. In each class I explain how to adjust each pose to fit any physical limitations. Students gradually expand their range of movement with practice over time


I have an injury or uncomfortable physical condition. Is it safe for me to practice yoga?

            Yoga can be practiced by anyone. The poses can always be modified to suit individual conditions, and in fact, that is what they are for! I have helped people recover from or improve injuries and painful physical conditions through yoga poses carefully tailored to bring balance and stability to the body. Contact me if you’d like to discuss your specific condition and how yoga might help.


I can’t seem to meditate; when I try, my mind races. Are there any special techniques you can show me?

            Although I do teach a number of meditation and yogic breathing techniques, meditation is more about continued practice than techniques. Our culture is very obsessed with thinking, rather than simply being. This is a habit that can be changed, but it takes time and patience. With sustained practice, meditation gradually becomes more accessible regardless of which technique you are using. I recommend choosing one technique of meditation (and yes, I can show you some) that appeals to you and sticking with it for at least six months. With daily practice, you will begin to notice a difference.


How long should I meditate for?

            This is entirely up to you and what fits your lifestyle at the moment, and it can change over time. If you are trying to start a regular meditation practice it may be best to start small, committing to a period of time you know you can and will set aside each day. If it’s hard for you to get into the practice, even setting aside just five minutes can make a difference in the beginning. Gradually you can increase the amount of time you spend practicing meditation each day.


What is a spiritual circle?

            The only way to really understand a spiritual circle is to experience it, but here is a general idea of what to expect. We begin with a meditation, either silent or guided with imagery or sound, to center us and bring us into the present moment. Simple ritual involving the elements of nature brings the circle into sacred space. Through movement, song, storytelling, and other creative processes we get more in touch with all aspects of ourselves and connect with each other on a level that transcends individual personalities. Writing, artistic creation, and verbal sharing help us crystallize our intentions and realizations. Seeds are planted within us at a circle; we carry them with us, and with care they bloom in our lives as we manifest our intentions and visions.


Is a spiritual circle appropriate for beginners?

            There are no ‘levels’ when it comes to a spiritual circle. Everyone shows up where they’re at, contributing their own energy to the group energy in a synergistic fashion. If you feel drawn to attend, listen to that intuition even if you don’t know why or what you will get out of it. Often the benefits of a spiritual circle reveal themselves in a person’s life later, in mysterious and un-predictable ways.


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