Yoga ritual at a bridal shower, spring 2012Ritual Creation and Facilitation

In ancient times the cycles of life were marked with ritual. In our secular times, many of these sacred traditional have been lost. Re-claim a part of this heritage by creating a ritual to commemorate a life transition such as marriage, menopause, childbirth, new career, or loss of a loved one. Rituals can also be designed to help you manifest an intention, gain clarity on an aspect of your life, or integrate an inner transformation into your daily life.

Rituals may include:

  • chanting or sacred songs from a variety of traditions
  • movement (such as dance or yoga)
  • spoken or written affirmations or prayers
  • symbolic interaction with the elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire, space) either in the outdoors, or with objects like stones, candles, crystals, or incense
  • meditation or breathing techniques
  • chakra cleansing and toning
  • writing, drawing, or other form of artistic creation

Rituals may be shared with a group, or can be for you alone or with a partner. Each event is tailored to your needs and interests, so contact me today to discuss the possibilities.


Photo by Steve ClarkeDo you have a few friends who would like to try yoga together? Would you like to kick off a new healthy habit? Are you looking for a meaningful way to celebrate a milestone birthday, holiday, or other special occasion? Have a breathtaking party or special event! I facilitate movement and/or ritual to make the event vibrant, nourishing, and educational for each participant. I share information and facilitate activities in one or more of my areas of expertise including yoga, dance, health & fitness, ecology/environmental science, and living with a sense of spiritual presence in daily life.

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