Photo by Steve ClarkPersonal training and postural alignment instruction

I offer exercises tailored to each individual’s physical constitution and fitness goals. I help clients improve core strength, muscle tone, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular capacity, and their ability to carry out daily tasks from climbing the subway stairs to chasing after toddlers.

My postural alignment sessions developed out of my one-on-one work with a variety of clients. I found that many people don’t need to be pushed to work harder; they just need to learn to work smarter. I show people how to correct imbalances in their posture, leading to improved efficiency and greater freedom and ease in movement. Some of my clients have completely overcome chronic pain that they thought they were stuck with for life and have achieved a level of physical fitness that they never imagined possible.

Contact me for pricing and scheduling of private or semi-private sessions. Sessions may be conducted in your home or office; I also have access to studios and private gyms throughout NYC.

Gift certificates are available.

“My favorite form of exercise is walking, but sometimes leg or knee pain interferes with my ability to walk comfortably. Lauren is always able to determine exactly which stretches or exercises will alleviate the pain and allow me to enjoy walking again. Because of her, I have incorporated stretching into my daily routine and feel better than I have in years. Better than going to the doctor!”

                                                                        --Alan, Columbus NJ


Your graceful strength and sensitivity are inspiring and I have learned SO much about my body in the sessions that we had together.  I am now consistently aware of my anatomy, and even walking has become a meditative practice. This is miles away from the world in which I lived prior to our work. I am incredibly grateful to you, Lauren, for teaching me to be curious about my body and to discover joy and love in its movement.

Thank you.

 --Alina, Brooklyn NY


“I used to ridicule the idea of a personal trainer. And I never thought yoga would be for me. But ever since I started working with Lauren I have seen the value in both those things. The stretching and deep breathing of yoga make me feel great. And having Lauren suggest particular poses and exercises tailored just to my needs and abilities has really improved my posture and general health and comfort. I love it.”

                                                                        --Barbara, Columbus NJ